Double Hung Windows: Everything You Need to Know

Do your windows look damaged, warped, broken or drafty? Are you looking for the perfect replacement windows? If the answer to the questions above is yes, then you should consider replacing your existing windows with a Platinum ProVia Dealer. Installing new windows is beneficial to you as a homeowner by adding value to your home. Replacement windows are a simple and easy option to improve the appearance of your home while providing an opportunity to reduce energy consumption.

Let’s talk about our ProVia ecoLite double-hung windows! They are the ideal choice for many homeowners as they are super easy to open and even less difficult to clean all while providing enough natural lighting into your home. This style of windows allows more natural lighting to enter during the day to reduce your electricity use. As a Platinum ProVia Dealer, we are able to offer you a wide range of colors, finishes and a wide selection of styles such as: Aeris, Endure, Aspect, and ecoLite.

Offers Good Ventilation

A room needs to have at least two openings, an inlet, and an outlet to have effective ventilation. If you have two windows in a room, then it is easy to have natural ventilation but what if your room has space for only one window?

Double-hung windows with two sashes built into the frame can offer maximum ventilation. When you open both top and bottom sashes, the bottom sash allows cool and fresh air to pass through it. The top sash lets the warm air out.

Enhances the Look of Your Space

Double-hung windows look classy and are aesthetically appealing. They provide a clean and unobtrusive look. No matter what home design you have – traditional or contemporary – these windows will fit great!

Easy to Maintain

Double-hung windows have double tilt sashes they are easy to clean and hence require less maintenance. You can effortlessly clean both the interior and exterior of these windows without having to dismantle them. With minimal maintenance, you can keep these windows as pretty as you want for a long period of time. Windows maintained in good shape increases the resale value of your home.

Energy Efficient

Apart from superior ventilation, double-hung windows are very energy efficient as they allow a generous amount of sunlight to enter your home. These windows can reduce heating and cooling costs up to 10%-20% while improving the comfort of your home.

When making the decision to replace the windows of your home consider the quality of the product, the workmanship of the provider making the installation and the lifetime warranties available to you from the provider of the double-hung replacement windows. Choosing the perfect windows for your home takes time and the professionals at Middlefield understand the importance of your investment. We will help you from beginning to end of your project and have your home looking it’s best! Request a free quote today (330) 427-4405.