Different Types of Replacement Windows and Tips to Choose the Best Options

Different Types of Replacement Windows and Tips to Choose the Best

While renovating your home, replacing the old windows can enhance the overall look of your home. It makes your home look more modern, elegant and clean. Double-hung windows amongst all the replacement windows available in the market are easy to clean and maintain. Are you looking forward to replacing your old windows? There’s a variety of options to choose from. Each will add it’s unique style and feel to your home.

Types of Replacement Windows

 Replacement windows are available in various styles, shapes, and sizes. You can pick the one that suits your taste and fits your budget. The location of the window should be kept in mind while selecting the style, shape, and size. The different types of replacement windows are:

  • Double-hung windows

Double-hung replacement windows are the most popular window styles available in the market. These are most suitable for the openings where height is more than the width.  They look great on the walls next to patios, decks, and walkways.  Not only do they offer a classic look to your place, but they are very easy to handle and access. By lowering the top slash this allows warmer air around the ceiling to move out from the top. Raising the lower sash allows the cool air to flow in.

  • Sliding Windows

Sliding windows also are known as gliding, windows come with slim vertical lines for a clean and elegant look. This is a perfect addition to the architectural style of your home. These windows are ideal for the openings where the width is more than the height. The windows can glide smoothly on either side.

  • Awning Windows

Awning windows pivot outwards and its hinges are located on the top. Due to their structuring, these windows have a horizontal orientation. These windows look good when installed near the ceiling, in the walk-in closets and even in bathrooms to fil the room with sunlight.

  • Bay & Bow Windows

Bay and Bow windows are a collection of three windows each attached at 25-to-45 degree angles. On the other hand, bow windows are a collection of more than three windows connected at 10-15 degree angles. Both the window styles look amazing in the living room when placed at the focal point of the room.

Tips to Choose the Right Replacement Windows

Performing a Test

To know which windows are the most suitable and in good shape, ask the contractor to perform a test on windows for resistance to wind and rain. This will help determine if the whole window is to be replaced or part of it can be salvaged. You can find sturdy replacement windows of good quality at an affordable price that fits your budget when working with an experienced and trusted ProVia contractor.

Salvaging Outdated Framework

If the frames of your windows are not too worn out and can be salvaged with a new paint job or finishing, you could save money on material and labor. If the frames are too worn out and damaged, you may need to purchase a full replacement window.

Find an Experienced Window Contractor

No matter how much high-quality and comfortable window you buy, if it isn’t fixed right, it won’t look right. Hiring a certified and skilled ProVia contractor to assist you along your home improvement project will give you long-term peace of mind. With lifetime warranties and product satisfaction guarantees, you will be covered in case you need to replace the windows again.

Additional options for replacement windows are equally essential and beneficial types such as single hung windows, glass block windows, and casement windows. At Middlefield, we are Northeast Ohio’s most trusted replacement window and exterior door company since 1959. Let’s get your project underway! Call us at (216) 264-8315 to get started on your next project.

Top Qualities to Consider When Purchasing a New Entry Door

Planning to replace your old entry door with a new one? The entry door is not only responsible for offering you security but it makes the first impression of your home. Whenever you greet your guests, the first object they come into sight with is your home’s entry door. So why settle for less than the highest quality doors to incorporate in your home when you can have a beautiful, custom-built Platinum ProVia Entry Door! Why choose Middlefield Windows & Doors? The quality and attention to detail in our products make us proud to be a Platinum ProVia Window & Door Dealer & Certified Installer.

  1. Ultimate Security

If you’re a homeowner it’s crucial to consider security as the top priority while buying an entry door. To bring to your knowledge, entry doors available today are more secure than the older models. They come with heavy-duty deadbolt locks that are impenetrable. There are strikes boxes embedded deep into the door plan and a reinforcing plate is wrapped around the door handle area giving you the security you need to sleep peacefully at night and worry-free when you are away from your home.

  1. Weather Resistant Quality

Having a Storm Entry Door provides reassurance your home’s main point of entry is safe. Extreme weather conditions plague the exposure of your entry doors to high wind, heavy rains, and humidity. All this leads to the early deterioration of the entry doors. Having a ProVia Storm Entry Door can be a great investment during harsh weather conditions. When you choose Middlefield Windows & Doors, you’ll get a limited lifetime warranty and an increased value to your home!

  1. Good Entry Doors are Energy Efficient

Energy can escape from the smallest of the gaps in your home. Your home’s front door is one of the most vulnerable points from where the energy of your home can easily escape. This continuous loss of energy can lead to increased energy bills. Therefore, while buying an entry door look for the quality of material that is used to make the door. When you have an entry door installed by a ProVia Dealer & Certified Installer provided by our expertise we install your door with this factor in mind.

  1. Best on the Market

Your guests will see your entry door as they approach your home. ProVia Entry Doors are the best on the market! ProVia offers four lines of fiberglass and steel professional-class entry doors that meet the highest standards for beauty, durability, security and energy efficiency, available in custom sizes and finishes.

Ready to Customize Your Home with ProVia Entry Doors?

Because of the advanced technology and so many options available today, there is no reason you can’t get the door of your choice with all the qualities you desire. In fact, you can get a door built from scratch as per your specifications and needs. When you are buying the door online, you can easily get it customized without having to break the bank. Homeowners and contractors who buy quality, buy ProVia front doors. Plus you can customize your entry door the way you want using our visualizer tool on our website! Contact Middlefield Windows & Doors today at 216-264-8315 to request a free estimate by our team of professionals.