5 Tell-Tale Signs to Let You Know It’s Time to Replace Your Windows

It can be hard to notice when to replace aging windows. What are the indicators to let you know they need to be replaced? Here are 5 tell-tale signs to let you know when to replace your windows.


Do you feel drafts in your home? It’s probably because your windows aren’t properly sealed or there’s inadequate insulation. This leads to air coming in from outside and creating drafts. No one wants to live in a chilly home. You also are wasting money on your energy bill by not replacing your windows. It’s no use of having indoor heating if you have cold air coming in and warm air coming out.

Damaged Frames

Sometimes frames get water damage. How can you tell? Are the frames soft to the touch or chipped? Then, you more than likely have water damage. If they’re soft it means you have rot and water infiltration. You’ll have to replace your windows soon or they will start sagging and on top of that, any water infiltration can grow into mold and cause many potential health problems.


Condensation building up between the glass is a sure sign that you need to replace your windows. When you see condensation, it means your seals are no longer any good or you have cracked glass somewhere on the windows. This causes moisture to be let in through the glass. On top of that, it means the insulating gas is being let out and so it can no longer trap the heat inside. So, if you see the cloudy layer of condensation your windows, it’s a clear sign that. You need to replace your windows.


Can you hear the intimate details of conversations between strangers in the street? Does it seem like the neighbor’s music is right in your living room? They could be too loud, or it could mean your windows need to be replaced. If you live in a noisy area in the city or a street where it’s busy, you may need double or triple-pane Argon or Krypton gas insulated windows. This help excludes outside noise better than older types of windows.

Difficulty Opening, Closing, and Locking

If you have difficulty opening, closing, or locking your windows you will need to replace your windows. It’s a pain to deal with a window that gives you trouble when you attempt to lock it but on top of that these limit the safety of your home, making it easy for criminals to come in. Rusting or rotting windows or those installed poorly usually cause this problem. If you are experiencing this issue it’s time to replace your window and ensure your family’s safety.

All five of these are sure signs your windows need replacement. The comfort and safety of you and your family depend on you having properly installed and quality windows. If you notice any of these signs don’t wait to replace your windows as soon as possible. Make sure to only contact a professional window contractor to make sure that you’ll get the best recommendation and installation for your windows. If you’re around Northeast Ohio, contact Middlefield Windows and Doors at (216) 264-8315. Middlefield Windows and Doors is a ProVia Certified Installer and Dealer. We have been serving the residents of Northeast Ohio Since 1959.

Discover the Surprising Benefits of Windows and Natural Light

Just like plants, you need a proper amount of sunlight in order for your body and mind to thrive. Without adequate windows and natural light, you miss out on optimal mental and physical health. Here are the surprising benefits of windows and natural light. 

Vitamin D

One of the benefits of windows and natural light is you get the right amount of vitamin D from sunlight. Wait a minute? You may be thinking we got vitamin D from things like milk and green vegetables. Yes, you can but ensure you get an adequate amount from sunlight coming through your windows. The best part is that when it comes through your windows, you limit your exposure to direct sunlight which can cause things like skin cancer.


Another benefit of natural light is that, it’s a natural cure for mild depression from SAD or seasonal affective disorder. Seasonal affective disorder especially affects those who live in cold climates. Serotonin is a chemical in our body which affects our happiness and mood. Some in the science world believe the production of this chemical may be linked to sunlight.

Natural light has positive effects for those who suffer with seasonal affective disorder. Even in a cold climate getting enough natural light through the windows can boost your mood and shield you from the impact the cold dark winter can have on your happiness.


Natural light also has a great effect on your productivity. By just being exposed to natural light from windows you can actually increase your energy and get more things done. Windows allowing natural light to come in give a signal to our bodies and the message they communicate is “It’s daytime. Get to work.”

Natural light will give you the urge to accomplish more before night time comes. If you need an extra boost of productivity then look no further than windows in your house.

Sleep Cycle

And while we are talking about productivity let’s not forget that we also need our rest. Natural light from windows can also help you with the optimal sleep cycle. Your body is made to time itself to the sun. Your body knows when it’s time to sleep based on its 24-hour circadian cycle. When you fail to get enough natural light, your circadian cycle is thrown off. In other words, your body doesn’t know what time it is.

Help your body out by giving it adequate natural light. This way your body will be able to orient itself towards the right time of the day and thank you with a good night sleep. Who knew natural light could be so rewarding?

So, there you have it. Natural light from windows gives our bodies and our minds important benefits. Make sure you have adequate windows in your home and let the light in. Your body will thank you for it. If you’re looking to get new windows that will bring in more light to your house, contact middle field windows and doors. Middlefield Windows and Doors has been replacing and installing new windows since 1959 in Cleveland and throughout Northeast Ohio. Call us at (216) 264-8315.