How Winter Affects Windows and Doors

Windows and doors are designed to offer protection from extreme weather conditions. But you should know these aren’t indestructible. Winter can affect windows and doors and in time, can make them inefficient at shielding your home. We shared our insights on how winter affects windows and doors. Check this article to get ready to protect your property!

#1 Warping and Shrinking

If you have a wood entry door, cold temperatures and humidity can take a toll on its structural integrity. Window frames can suffer similar damage, which can affect their ability to insulate your home.

#2 Ice

Ice can form in the spaces between doors and windows. If the frames aren’t installed correctly, it leaves room for drafts and ice formation. When warm air escapes through these openings, it freezes in contact with exterior air. The result will be difficult to open window or door. Make sure you perform regular maintenance to fix any cracks or damage in windows and doors frames.

#3 Hardware

Doors and windows come with several elements meant to ensure they function correctly. Latches, handles, hinges, and several other mechanisms can damage easily due to cold weather stress. The most vulnerable windows are casement and awning, so you should pay close attention to those when winter comes.

#4 Condensation

Usually, a bit of condensation on your windows in the cold season can indicate their energy efficiency. Still, if your windows and doors shifted position and allow cold air to enter your home, it can lead to the appearance of condensation. The first thing you can do is diminish humidity with a dehumidifier. But if the problem persists, it might be the time to consider replacing your windows and doors.

#5 Fading

Snow and ice can fade the color of your windows and doors frames. For many homeowners, this isn’t a serious concern, but it can make your home look dull. There are some simple fixes, such as applying a treatment to your frames before winter arrives. But if you’re looking for a long-term solution, replacing your windows and doors with fiberglass models can offer moisture-resistant properties that prevent fading.

Final Word

Winter can affect windows and doors differently depending on the area you live in. Experts say it is best to have professional windows and doors contractor assess your property to determine whether your windows and doors require repairs or replacement. A professional can also share some valuable insights on how to adequately maintain your windows and doors to prevent extensive wear and tear damage. 

Reasons to Replace Your Entry Door This Holiday Season

Are you the type of homeowner who dreads the entire process of replacing your front door? Before you dismiss the thought, you should know there are several reasons to replace your entry door as we approach the holiday season.

Safety And Security

The major reason to replace your entry door this holiday season is safety and security. A damaged front door, which can be hard to operate and close, can easily be transformed into an entry point for burglars. Also, if your door has extensive damage, it can fall from its support unexpectedly. New entry doors come with integrated multi-point locking systems, ensuring the security of your property. Besides, new models are energy-efficient and will insulate your home adequately.

Curb Appeal And Value

Regardless if you’re planning to sell your property or not, changing the front door can increase your home’s value. Redesigning home exteriors contributes to curb appeal, which can make your house look stylish and welcoming. This year, consider the best possible decoration that your property deserves: a brand-new entry door!

Style, Colors, And Materials

Another reason to replace your entry door this holiday season is the vast array of choices you have. You can choose energy-efficient materials that will offer a lot of versatility, durability, and protection. The best part about this is that your door can come in different styles and colors. Some of the trending entry door materials are steel, fiberglass, and vinyl. But if you have an older home, installing a traditional wood door can preserve the property’s authenticity.


Modern doors made from fiberglass and steel come with reinforced cores meant to resist a lot of wear and tear. Besides being durable, these can offer reduced maintenance time. Take, for example, wood doors. These need frequent maintenance for painting or sealing so that you can preserve the best appearance.


If you’re not sure whether to substitute your entry door this holiday season, here’s another convincing reason. Your front door isn’t meant to last forever! A front entry door can last between 20 to 30 years if you perform maintenance like a pro. So, if your door is around 20 years of age, carefully assess its condition and consider replacing it.

Final Word

These are some of our reasons why you might want to replace your entry door this holiday season. Modern doors are made from high-quality materials that can help you protect your home and offer an extra touch of style. Now is the best time to seriously consider making one of the most significant upgrades to your home.