What Does Your Front Door Color Say About You?

What Does Your Front Door Color Say About You?

Colors are not only shades but they exert an influence on the mind of the people. Psychology of the color is an official study of the color that explains human emotions, behavior, and action. Subconsciously, colors can leave their impact on the minds and behavior of the people. Humans react to certain things such as taste, products, experiences, and food, the same way human also respond subconsciously to the colors.

Colors have a great impact on the minds, which changes from one person to another. Thus, the color of the entrance door also talks much about you. Let us see what your front door color say about you:

1. Navy Blue Color:

If your front door color is painted with a navy blue color, you will leave a very sober and solemn impression on your friends and family. The navy blue color creates an impact that you are an intelligent and smart person.

If you want to become across as intelligent and sober, choose the navy blue color.

2. Yellow Front Door:

The yellow front door creates an impression that you are welcoming your guests with an open heart, open arms, with welcoming and happiest attitude.

3. Grey Front Door:

Grey color brings a very sober and decent vibe to the entrance of your house. The grey front door also looks very beautiful and gorgeous. Grey color is usually associated with the people who are known to be honest, sincere and truthful persons.

4. Black Front Door:

Most people chose the black color for their front door, not because they are liked by the people rather because dirt does not show up on the front doors. The black door is also the front door color of the people on the famous Drowning Street.

The black color is most associated with people who are enigmatic, mysterious and dark horses.

5. White Front Door

The white front door is famous to be known as the door of the saintly, religious and creative person. White doors give a serene, calm and placid vibe of your house.

6. Red Front Door

The red front door is the widely painted color in London, as London is famous for being the most passionate city around the world. Therefore, you can witness the front red doors in entire London, UK.

The bright red front door also creates beauty around your house with beautiful trees, plants, and lilies decorated around it.

7. Lilac Front Door

The lilac front door is the new trend that is being followed up by the thousands of residents in London. Lilac gives a completely new, fresh and fabulous vibe and looks to the house.

So, the lilac front door is a new sensation that you should try too in your place.

Make sure that your front door represents who you are. If you’re looking for a door company that offers a wide range of door options around Northeast Ohio, Middlefield Windows and Doors got it all for you. Call (330) 427-4405 to talk to a door specialist.


Security and Protection Measures for Exterior Doors

Security and Protection Measures for Exterior Doors

Security and protection are very necessary for your home in our modern society where the crime rate is increasing day by day. Along with our family members, we also want to keep safe and all our tangible belongings. Exterior doors are the easiest point of entry for a thief, so you must make sure your doors are secured.

Following are some of the security and protection measures which will enhance the security of your house to a greater extent:

1. Good Quality Solid Doors:

First of all, the only solid material door must be chosen as the main entrance door of your house. No intruder will be able to break into your house.

Solid doors will also be able to stop any natural calamity from disrupting your house.

2. Deadbolt Lock:

A deadbolt lock is the strongest lock that can only be opened with a rotating key due to its spring mechanism. Thus, a deadbolt key makes the entry of the non-family members resistant without a key.

3. Wide-Angle Peepholes:

Wide-angle peepholes are made of transparent glass or plastic, which are constructed to give you sneak-peak of the guests. Wind-angle peepholes should be inserted on the doors so that you can view the visitors and the entire space of the front door.

When you see the guests from a peeper, the guests can also see you. So, reverse peepholes are the real devices that will only enable you to have a view of the guests.

Reverse wide-angle peepholes allow you a greater peak, so only high-quality wide-angle peepholes should be chosen for the exterior doors.

4. Turning on the Outdoor Lights

You should always keep the outdoor lights on so that guests and other people know that you are present in the house. The outdoor lights also illuminate the outdoor area, which helps you in recognizing who has come into the house. Also, the outdoor lights must be chosen that brighten up every space of your outdoor area.

5. Unique Sliding Double Doors

It is also fashionable as well as a secure way to ensure the security and protection of your entire house. It brings a stylish element to your house. Sliding double doors is also a sustainable choice, which will save a lot of costs on your electricity and reduces your carbon footprint.

6. Best Storm Doors

If you live in an area that is challenged by storms and natural calamities, you need to have the best storm doors for security and protection of yours, your family and your belongings. Storm doors are usually made of solid and steel material.

Storm doors keep you in a solemn and peaceful state of mind, which gives you the leverage to focus on more important tasks. Make sure you get the best exterior doors for your home. If you’re around Northeast Ohio, you can count on Middlefield Windows and Doors to give you the highest quality doors at unbeatable prices. Call (330) 427-4405 to talk to a door specialist.


Energy Efficient Doors – How Does It work?

Energy Efficient Doors – How Does It work?

Most of the costs for a household go towards its bills. Bills are mostly made up of several energy consumptions. Maintaining a constant temperature inside the house probably takes up the highest energy. Sadly, this cost is added to by inefficiently insulated doors. Energy efficient doors play an integral part in the insulation of the house. Efficient doors keep out unwanted temperature or humidity exposures which help with maintaining the temperature. But some of the doors fail to do this, thus increasing energy consumption.

Thermal reflection scale: 

Another name for the thermal reflection scale is R-value for doors. R-value or thermal scale is a standard used to measure the heat reflected by the doors. the scale measures the amount of energy a door reflects into the atmosphere. The r values for doors range from 1 to 9. A door with R-value 1 is the least reflective and the door with 9 as its R-value is most reflective. So, an energy-efficient door has an R-value ranging from 7 to 9.   

Many factors contribute to making an energy-efficient door some of them are as follows:

  1. Weatherstripping:

Most of the air enters or leaves the door through loose hinges or the gaps around the door. Door hinges can be tightened to reduce the gaps. Silicone can also be filled in them. One of the other solutions can be Weatherstripping. Using the silicone helps fill the gaps but weatherstripping uses compressible rubber or foam to completely air tighten the door.

  1. Storm doors:

The second feasible solution may be installing storm doors. Storm doors are secondary doors. Consequently, these doors prevent ventilation and keep out any humidity, minimizing any temperature fluctuation inside the house.

  1. Replacing wooden components:

Wooden components tend to have fewer R-values which usually correspond to more heat absorption. As a result, any wooden component on a door may allow heat to enter. A solution may be replacing these wooden components with glass which comparatively has higher R-values. Hence, reducing heat absorption.

  1. Spring-loaded doors:

Energy-efficient doors have a spring-loaded mechanism. This mechanism allows the doors to close immediately after opening. On the contrary, some of the doors take too much time to close back and allow more air and humidity to enter the house. Therefore, energy-efficient doors minimize airflow for better insulation inside the house. Consequently, making the doors energy efficient.

Tips On How To Choose A Good Front Door

Tips On How To Choose A Good Front Door

The front door is one of the most important components of a house. Besides the fact that it keeps our privacy, it also holds back wind, rain, and most of all, the cold or heat.

Many people don’t know how to select a good front door. Take a look at these tips for choosing a good front door:

  1. Choose the front door by its material and overall toughness. You will need a thick and strong door to withstand rain, snow, wind, etc. You need to make sure it lasts for a long time despite these natural elements.

You will have different types of doors to choose from:

  • Wood doors – These are the most common. They are versatile and very good looking. The majority of wooden doors come in oak, walnut, cherry, maple, pine and fir material. When you buy wooden doors go for a durable body and great finishes.
  • Steel doors – If durability and security are your biggest priorities, then this type is for you. The steel doors are way stronger and they don’t warp or crack. Besides, they cost the least, the cheapest models costing around 150 dollars.
  • Fiberglass doors – They are tough and perfect for harsh or humid environments. They are also quite cheap as well. Prices start around 200 dollars.
  • Aluminum doors – They are very similar to the steel doors, with a metal skin that covers the insulation core. Those types of models come in various colors and styles. Plus, they don’t rust.
  1. Buy the whole door components from the same manufacturer, as products bought from different ones, may not fit perfectly and you will lose money.
  2. Choose a trusted door company that offers high-quality doors and is using high-quality materials. By doing this, you can be sure that your doors can resist break-ins, offering you the best security for your home.
  3. Ask the manufacturer if the steel or fiberglass door that you want to buy has a thermal break that separates the outside and inside skins. This makes sure that heat does not get outside and that the outside cold does not get inside.
  4. Choose doors that offer energy saving benefits

These things are very important in choosing a front door. If you’re looking for a front door that has the highest standards for beauty, durability, security, and energy efficiency, call Middle Field Windows & Doors (216) 264-8315.

Tips On Choosing The Right Windows For Your Home

Tips On Choosing The Right Windows For Your Home

Before, homeowners were only restricted to whether they can find windows that will fit the design of their home. Now, people started to become aware and conscious of their surroundings. Environment-conscious consumers understand that the right windows are a source of lighting, heating, and cooling.

In summers, large windows allow the air inside the enclosed house. In the winters, the right windows, if closed, will stop all the cooling from coming into the house. Lastly, during both winters and summers, rightly chosen windows will affect the way light enters the house. If windows allow the sunshine inside the house, homeowners will not have to turn on the lights during the day, saving a big chunk of money on the electricity costs. Choosing a window can be tricky at first.

The following are some tips that will help you in choosing the right windows for your home:

  1. Energy Auditing the House

If you are installing windows in your new house or replacing windows, you need to undertake the energy audit of the house. The energy audit will effectively let you know how cost-effective new window units will be. You can also conduct a DIY energy audit keeping in mind the following things:

  • Major areas of your house,
  • What kind of windows would be suitable for your home?
  • Which kind of material would be better for your house?
  • and how seriously you would need  the windows in summers and winters

Then, you must buy the windows that would fulfill the energy needs of your house. You can also find a Windows Expert to help you.

  1. The frame of the Windows

Many materials can be used for framing the windows. The most common frame of the windows is wood. If wood material is used, the transfer of heat and cool inside the house is done very slowly. There are also different kinds of materials that can be used to make the windows energy-efficient.

Different kinds of materials will include vinyl framing material, wooden-clad material, aluminum framing material, composite material, fiberglass material, etc. Each frame material is detailed below:

  • Vinyl Material Windows

Vinyl framing material conducts the heat and cooling well, so they offer a practical choice. A properly installed vinyl frame with a glass window will look very good in your place. However, vinyl is a cheap material and color options are limited, which is why not most homeowners choose vinyl as their material of the window.

  • Aluminum Material Windows

Though aluminum is not an ideal frame when considering heat gain and loss, aluminum is the best choice if your house is located in humid, rainy and mild climates. It can withstand hurricanes and storms very effectively.

  • Composite Material Windows

Composite material windows are going to be made from the mixture of the wood scraps and plastic resins that will give a feel of the wooden windows, but they will be much more efficient than the wooden windows.

  • Fiberglass Material:

They are also composite material windows but made of glass fiber and polyester resin windows. Fiberglass windows are more expensive than other solutions.

  • Wooden-Clad Windows

Wooden-clad windows offer the best of all other materials solutions: they offer a very low-maintenance exterior (usually aluminum or vinyl) and a wooden interior consisting of the temperature-transfer resistant material.

You must choose a frame from these options that suit the energy requirement of your house.

  1. Window Casings

There are many different kinds of casings. Modern casings, low-profile cashing, high-profile cashing, traditional casing and complete casings are different types of casing. In each casing, the material is used either in a higher quantity or lower quantity which is why the differentiation is made. For example, the low-profile casing is less decorative than the high-profile casing. The traditional casing had been designed according to the traditional scheme of the design, while modern casings consist of ultramodern design.

You may choose a design for your window that you like. There are a lot of window contractors who offer different options for your window.

  1. Matching Window’s Theme to the Entire House

Your windows must not be constructed in a way that windows would look entirely different from the entire house. If the house is constructed and decorated around a modern or traditional theme, your windows must also follow the same theme and style. A little bit of variation is accepted, but the window should not be opposite to the entire house’s outlook. Good thing, there are a lot of window options available in the market today that you can choose from.

  1. Durability and Performance of the Windows

Different types of windows perform and age differently in different climate conditions. You must choose windows that best suit the weather in your city. Windows with a moisture-resistant material, high-temperature-resistant or SHGC (higher solar heat gain coefficient) windows may be inspected. If summer is a shorter season in your area, you must go for SHGC windows.

These are several tips you must keep in mind when you’re choosing the right window, whether you’re replacing your windows or choosing one for your new home.