Entry doors are generally highly durable and made to last a long time, intended to withstand harsh outdoor elements and weather. However, as time passes, the condition of your entry doors can worsen to the point where a repair is necessary. Sometimes, a repair alone is simply not effective and instead, the whole entry door needs to be replaced. Carefully consider the following factors when making the decision that is best suited to your home and unique situation.

If The Paint or Finish is Damaged: Surface level damage that doesn’t compromise the structural integrity of your entry doors is one of the only situations where it is better to repair than to replace. Painting over old entry doors with a fresh coat of paint or a new style of finish can create a totally different feel for your home’s exterior. If you’re satisfied with the structure and if your entry doors are still in overall good condition, then repairing is the sensible choice.

If You Have Visible Damage: While rust and dents may seem like easy fixes, they’re actually an indication of serious structural deficiencies in your old entry doors. Splitting wood, visible dents, and lots of rust are issues that generally are better suited to total entry door replacement rather than spot treatment repairs. This is because they are surface representations of serious internal damage to the door. Simply trying to repair, rather than replace the doors, will only result in the issue getting worse over time.

If The Style is Outdated: If you’re not happy with the current style of your old entry doors, then replacing the entry doors is the best course of action. Replacing features and fixtures is the perfect time to update the atmosphere and curb appeal of your home with a chic, refreshing new style. Entry doors are made in a variety of different styles to suit each homeowner’s individual tastes.

If You Want to be More Energy Efficient: Depending on when you last updated your entry doors, replacing your old entry doors rather than repairing them can save you a lot of money on your energy bill. The initial cost of completely replacing the entry doors may seem more expensive than simply repairing the doors, but in actuality, choosing new energy efficient entry doors can significantly save on energy and lower your energy bill.

When deciding whether to repair or to replace your old entry doors, it’s best to carefully consider all of these essential factors before making your choice. Whether you end up replacing or repairing, be sure to trust a professional door company with experience in designing and offering high-quality products, to ensure that you’re happy with the results!