Proper Window Care and Maintenance Tips for Winter

It is essential to keep your windows clean and properly maintained throughout the entire year. In the winter, the low temperatures can often dissuade homeowners from venturing outdoors in order to care for their windows; however, keeping your windows clean and cared for helps prevent damage and improves the atmosphere of your home. Follow these proper window care and maintenance tips for winter in order to ensure that your property is in great condition year-round!

Keep Your Windows Clean: Cleaning is essential during the winter-time as grime and debris quickly accumulate. Harmful particles that aren’t properly cleared away can cause scratches and other forms of damage to your windows. The build-up of dirt can also lower the visibility into your home and block natural lightening, which brightens up dark spaces during winter. Increased natural light during the wintertime can also help cut down on the use of artificial lights, resulting in a lower energy bill. 

Check the Temperature: Keep a close eye on the temperature when deciding on a day to complete proper window care and maintenance in the winter. If possible, it’s best to wash windows when the temperatures are above freezing, in order to prevent odd streaks from occurring. If the temperature is near or below freezing, add rubbing alcohol into your cleaning solution. The addition of rubbing alcohol will help keep your cleaning solution from freezing while you work outside. A good ration to try is three parts soapy water to one part rubbing alcohol. 

Stay Covered: When caring for windows in especially harsh winter conditions, it is essential that you keep your body warm and covered at all times, especially your hands. Whenever you complete outdoor maintenance, be sure to use waterproof gloves in order to protect your hands. Cold temperatures can be challenging to deal with during normal situations; handling liquid cleaners and attempting to clean windows in near-freezing temperatures is both difficult and dangerous, as frost-bite can quickly cause damage to your skin. 

Use A Professional: If the low temperatures and other wintery conditions are too daunting to overcome, don’t hesitate to contact a professional to complete the window care and maintenance for you. A professional window specialist can utilize their industry knowledge in order to ensure that your property will be kept in great condition throughout the year! 

This year, be sure to follow all of the proper window care and maintenance tips for winter. Completing careful cleaning and care will ensure that your property remains in great condition and that the atmosphere of your home is light and cheery during the cold winter months! A little bit of simple maintenance can provide great results to your home!