New Year New Windows? Reasons to Replace Your Windows in 2021

When was the last time you checked on your windows? High-quality windows can last for 20 years, but if your windows are more than a few decades old, it might be time to check in on them and see if they need to be replaced.

New windows can improve the aesthetics and energy efficiency of your home and there are many more reasons to get new windows in the New Year. Here are the top five reasons to replace your windows in 2021.

Your Windows are Damaged

The top reason to replace your windows is if they are damaged, warped, or the window frame or glass is broken. Sometimes you can fix a window. However, in many cases, you will want to replace windows because they can fog up, let in a draft or struggle to stay open.

You Need to Reduce Your Energy Bill

Drafty windows can cause up to 40% of your heating and cooling costs. Energy-efficient windows can prevent heat from leaving in the winter or entering in the summer, keeping your home more comfortable and your energy bill lower.

New windows can save you from $236 to $366 a year. With the new year, it might be time to invest in more energy-efficient windows that can reduce your energy bill.

Your Windows Don’t Open and Close Well

Check that your windows can slide open and shut smoothly and easily. If they get stuck in any position, it’s not only annoying but also can pose a serious safety concern in the event of an emergency. Additionally, if you cannot secure the lock, then your home is vulnerable to theft.

Wood windows can be swollen shut and some windows are painted or bolted shut. If any of your windows don’t open and close well, it’s a sign that you should get new windows in the New Year.

You Want More Soundproofing

Do you hear cars driving by, train whistles, or your neighbors through your windows? You’re probably spending more time at home lately and may even have moved your office at home. Noise from the neighbors or outside can interrupt your day.

Most single-pane windows and even some double-pane windows will allow most sounds through into your home. You may want to consider new windows in 2021 that can absorb sound waves and give you a more peaceful home, and an environment conducive to work, study, and relaxation.

You Want to Sell Your Home

Windows can significantly increase the value of your home, especially energy-efficient windows. According to the cost vs. value report, on average getting new windows has a return of 73.4% (if you spend $16,802 on replacing windows, you get a return of $12,332).

Compared to other home renovations, new windows actually have one of the higher returns compared to remodeling your kitchen or adding a deck.


New windows can help you save energy, reduce your energy bill, and increase your home’s value. They are also easier to operate and will keep you safe and secure, and protected from loud noises outside. Especially if you haven’t replaced your windows in a while, 2021 might be your year to get new windows.

How Winter Affects Windows and Doors

Windows and doors are designed to offer protection from extreme weather conditions. But you should know these aren’t indestructible. Winter can affect windows and doors and in time, can make them inefficient at shielding your home. We shared our insights on how winter affects windows and doors. Check this article to get ready to protect your property!

#1 Warping and Shrinking

If you have a wood entry door, cold temperatures and humidity can take a toll on its structural integrity. Window frames can suffer similar damage, which can affect their ability to insulate your home.

#2 Ice

Ice can form in the spaces between doors and windows. If the frames aren’t installed correctly, it leaves room for drafts and ice formation. When warm air escapes through these openings, it freezes in contact with exterior air. The result will be difficult to open window or door. Make sure you perform regular maintenance to fix any cracks or damage in windows and doors frames.

#3 Hardware

Doors and windows come with several elements meant to ensure they function correctly. Latches, handles, hinges, and several other mechanisms can damage easily due to cold weather stress. The most vulnerable windows are casement and awning, so you should pay close attention to those when winter comes.

#4 Condensation

Usually, a bit of condensation on your windows in the cold season can indicate their energy efficiency. Still, if your windows and doors shifted position and allow cold air to enter your home, it can lead to the appearance of condensation. The first thing you can do is diminish humidity with a dehumidifier. But if the problem persists, it might be the time to consider replacing your windows and doors.

#5 Fading

Snow and ice can fade the color of your windows and doors frames. For many homeowners, this isn’t a serious concern, but it can make your home look dull. There are some simple fixes, such as applying a treatment to your frames before winter arrives. But if you’re looking for a long-term solution, replacing your windows and doors with fiberglass models can offer moisture-resistant properties that prevent fading.

Final Word

Winter can affect windows and doors differently depending on the area you live in. Experts say it is best to have professional windows and doors contractor assess your property to determine whether your windows and doors require repairs or replacement. A professional can also share some valuable insights on how to adequately maintain your windows and doors to prevent extensive wear and tear damage. 

The Window Replacement Process

At some point in every homeowner’s life, windows throughout the property will need replacement. Most homeowners lack any experience dealing with the window replacement process. If you’ve ever wanted to understand more in-depth details about the window replacement process, read to discover more!

The Replacement Process: Replacing windows —especially if the affected area is throughout the entirety of your property— can be a highly invasive process. Workers will require access to every affected area of your home, which can easily unbalance your daily routines. It is important to know who will be in charge of the installation and ask about their certifications and references. There is some disruption and noise associated with replacing windows. However, you are not required to vacate the home during installation. You should receive a clear timeline for the completion of the project before it begins. 

Before Arrival: Before the replacement window installers arrive, be sure to thoroughly prepare the home and review all of the essential details of the process. Confirm the installation time and date with the company you are schedule with and leave visual reminders —such as through the use of StickyNotes— around the home to convey essential information to the workers. Before work begins you will need to deactivate any alarm systems connected to your windows, trimming shrubs or other landscaping that might be in the way of your windows, clearing the work area of any fragile or delicate items, and covering furniture.

The First Day: On the first day of the window replacement process, be sure to introduce yourself to the foreman of the job and alert them to any crucial information regarding your home. Carefully discuss the upcoming process and review any details before installation, in order to catch any potential errors. Verify that the work team is using drop clothes in your home so that your interior is protected from potential damage. At this point, the crew generally splits into a removal and installation team. At the end of the first day, it’s a good idea to request that no windows be left boarded up halfway through removal and installation.

Final Days: In the final days of the window replacement and installation process, installers will continue removing and replacing the old windows. Once all of the windows are in place, the exterior trim is installed on the new windows. This trim seals your windows against the weather; however, some contracts do not include this portion of the service.

After this, the house is lightly cleaned and all of the new windows are tested. For smaller homes, the removal and installation process should generally take around two days. Larger homes can occasionally require three days to complete the full window replacement process.

By carefully understanding the entire window replacement process, homeowners can feel more at east when letting a team of installers into their home for a multiple day installation. When deciding upon a contracting team to replacement the windows in your home, be sure to select a professional team that you can highly trust!

Overlooked Benefits of Installing Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding glass doors may not seem as outright elegant as other door options for your porch, patio, or similar outdoor to indoor spaces, but they offer a surprising amount of advantages that most homeowners fail to consider. In fact, there are many overlooked benefits of installing sliding glass doors which can seriously improve the quality and appearance of your property. If you’re looking to add or replace doors in your home, consider installing sliding glass doors!

Increase Natural Lighting: Natural lighting can make any home appear more spacious and elegant. Sliding glass doors are made from large glass panels that allow in tons of warm, natural light which can elevate the appearance of your interior spaces. Natural light can also help save money on your energy bills, as the increase in light means you don’t have to relay on electronic appliances as often as before.

Ventilation and Airflow: It is essential to have fresh air constantly circulating throughout your home in order to cycle out any harmful particles and improve the health of your household. Sliding glass doors provide a huge area for air flow to enter and exit, letting in gentle breezes that can cool down the house in summer months. Homeowners with sliding doors often use their air conditioning system less, helping to save money on energy bills.

Traffic Flow: Adding a new door to your property, especially sliding doors, can help improve traffic flow around your house. As the design functions along sliding panels, installing sliding glass doors won’t disrupt your interior or exterior designs. You can easily keep your furniture exactly where it is currently located. It also improves the ease of entering and leaving the house. Transitioning between indoor and outdoor areas, such as during a barbecue party or other outdoor event, is simple when using sliding glass doors.

Style: Adding sliding glass doors to your home can seriously transform the style of your home, as well as significantly increase curb appeal. Sliding glass doors elevate otherwise uninspiring spaces and provide elegance to your home. They come in many different styles and stains; therefore, they can easily match whatever style of design your home currently is. Not only that, they offer a beautiful view to the outdoor scenery that is far superior to a simple interior wall. The splendor of nature can turn into part of your home’s interior charm simply by installing sliding glass doors on your property.

Give your home an entirely new, refreshing look with just a simple addition of sliding glass doors. Sliding glass doors offer homeowners a number of stylistic and design advantages that most people fail to consider. If you’re looking to increase curb appeal and upgrade your home, don’t forget to think about the many benefits of installing sliding glass doors.

Importance of Energy-Efficient Windows in Your Home

Energy efficient windows are beneficial to homeowners for a variety of different reasons. Not only do they cut down on your home’s carbon footprint, they also can save a significant amount of money on your heating and cooling bill. The importance of energy efficient windows to your home cannot be ignored. All homeowners should consider making the switch the next time an upgrade or replacement is required.

Cost: If you’re looking to save money on expensive heating and cooling bills, switching to energy efficient windows is a great step to take. These windows are more effective at maintaining and regulating indoor air temperature, keeping you happy and comfortable in any season. Their insulating properties trap air inside rather than let it slip out through the crevices. Using non-energy efficient windows requires more energy to keep the house at the same temperature, due to their inefficiency. This poor regulation of temperature can add up to a significant amount of lost energy —and therefore, wasted money —over time. This is especially relevant in months that are extremely hot or cold.

Insulation: Energy efficient windows are able to save homeowners money on their heating and cooling bills precisely because of their superior insulation. However, well-insulated windows do not only help cut down on costs, they also help increase comfort. By regulating the temperature throughout your property, energy-efficient windows minimize any cold pockets, drafts, or uncomfortable change in temperatures. In winter months, that means heat stays trapped inside and cold air is blocked from slipping in.

Carbon Footprint: More and more homeowners are indicating that energy-efficiency and sustainability are highly important factors in their home. Sustainable products are not only beneficial to your home, but also to the environment. Rather than wastefully using energy without regard to the effect it might have on the ecosystem, many people are becoming conscientious of ways they can positively impact the environment. Energy efficient windows are just one important way that homeowners can help reduce their own carbon footprint.

Lifespan: The importance of energy efficient windows can also be seen in their lifespan. Energy efficient windows generally have a longer lifespan than traditional windows. That’s because each window is better suited to insulate your and designed specifically to be durable and long-lasting.

Property Value: As more and more homeowners and homebuyers deliberately seek houses that are eco-friendly and energy efficient, installing energy efficient windows can actually increase the resale value of your home. Not only will it increase the value, but it might also be a deciding factor between your home and another. If you’re looking to put your home on the market, installing energy efficient windows is a good investment to make.

The importance of energy efficient windows is easily visible all throughout your property. The difference between installing traditional windows versus energy efficient windows is significant. Energy efficient windows not only save money and energy, they are also highly durable and eco-friendly. All homeowners should consider energy efficient windows the next time their house requires an upgrade.

How Long do Vinyl Windows Last?

When it comes to purchasing new windows for your home, there are a lot of different materials available. One of those options is vinyl windows. Vinyl windows are durable, easy to install, and cost-effective, making it one of the best choices to install in your house. Compared to other materials, vinyl windows are one of the most long-lasting window choices that suit a variety of different homes!

Average Life Expectancy: Simply put, the average life expectancy of vinyl windows is generally between 20 to 40 years. Many other options for windows, such as wood, fiberglass or aluminum, can only claim a 10-20 year lifespan. Vinyl windows are a long-lasting, durable investment that can really improve your home. The variation in the spectrum of life expectancy mainly comes from the location of your property. Environmental factors, such as saltwater spray that affects coastal homes or exposure to wide range of temperatures, can lower the long-lasting power of vinyl windows. Additionally, sun exposure will degrade vinyl windows at a faster rate than if windows were not exposed to the sun.

How to Maintain Vinyl Windows: If you want to ensure that your vinyl windows last for as long as possible, it is best to provide regular maintenance. While climate and heat are the main factors that contributes to wear-and-tear in vinyl windows, and therefore can’t be directly combatted, there are a variety of other factors that homeowners can be aware of. First, constant direct sun exposure can cause UV damage. To fix this, homeowners can install a protective sealant to block UV rays. A buildup of mold and dirt can also be troubling. Homeowners should clean these harmful buildups around twice a year in order to effectively extend the lifespan of their windows.

Why Vinyl: Vinyl is long-lasting and cost-effective when compared to the other window materials currently available. Homeowners can save a significant amount of cash —even as much as up to 20 or 50%. Additionally, with proper maintenance, the life expectancy of vinyl windows can extend for up to 10 years longer than that of other materials. Vinyl is a smart choice for homeowners seeking new windows that suit their budget and also do not compromise on quality.

Purchasing vinyl windows can be a long-term investment that truly benefits you and your property. As long as homeowners provide proper maintenance and are mindful of the climate their home is located in, installing vinyl windows is a choice that offers many distinct advantages.